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(A)   The main object of the Association shall be to promote the social, cultural and

religious activities and perform all festivals and functions for charitable purposes. The earnings

of the Association shall be exclusively utilised for social,  cultural and religious activities.

(B)   The Association has constructed a Community Hall, which is opened to all communities for stay of Barat and performance of other social functions. The building is

being utilized exclusively for public charity as Dharmshala and does not support any commercial activity.

(C)   The Association is maintaining and operating a Muktivahan which is available to all communities totally free of charge without any distinction of caste and creed.

(D)   Maintain the temple situated in the premises of the Association for worship by general public.

(E)   Organise cultural programmes in a public place common for all sections of the society.

(F)   Organise various other religious functions.

(G)   Publication of a periodical & develop electronic media with a view to foster religious, social and ethical values among the members of the Association as well as affiliated

similar institutions.

(H)  Organise social upliftment functions.

(I)   Provide financial aid to weaker sections of the society

(J)   To organize, promote and develop education by opening educational Institutions and Schools for general public.

(K)  To distribute scholarship, book, stationery to needy children of weaker sections of the society.

(L)  To open a library and reading room for general public

(M) To provide medical facilities by opening dispensaries, hospitals, medical check up and blood donation camps etc.

(N) To prepare and enlist members of blood donors brigade and encourage eye donations.

(O) To help mitigate sufferings and provide disaster relief during natural calamities.

(P)  Any other activity which the Association may consider in future expedient to achieve the above mentioned aims and objects and for general uplift of religious, social,

economic and ethical values of the society.