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Our Present, Past and Future as a Community

Punjabis are at the forefront of India - in every single sphere of life. We have had one Punjabi President, One Punjabi Prime Minister and now the Vice President of Indian Republic is a Punjabi.

Illustrious and brave Punjabis have shown their skills, style and ingenious quality on every single area of work - wherever they are involved. Punjabis are in fact, the top most and most emancipated community of India and we together have influenced India's overall life in many ways.
Punjabis dominate the states of Punjab, Himachal, Haryana, Delhi and many principal metropolitan areas.

Punjabis form the most qualitative structure of Indian industry, lead the agricultural production and are born leaders in many other areas of life. Punjabis also play an important role in Indian defense, the top ranking military strategists are Punjabis.

The chief Spokesman of Indian Military is Mr. Bikram Singh. The Chief of election commission who controls and manages the elections of the largest democracy in the world is Dr. M S Gill.
Some of the topmost Jurists, Judges, Ministers, Top Government administrators of India are Punjabis. The Indian Film, Entertainment and Television content, Journalism, Mass media is led by Punjabis. Some of the leading basic industries are led by Punjabis.

It's so silly to suggest that Punjabis are merely an agricultural community. Well that was long time ago. Today Punjabi community in India leads as top professionals and almost all service sectors of any discipline.

Punjabis also migrated in great numbers in last 120 years to far off lands and contributed with their talent, hardwork and compassion. Today Punjabis live in all corners of the world and continually grow and our people stand top in the world in any field you name. Dearest friends, We, as one of the oldest civilizations of the world, must feel proud to be Punjabis and think of ways to help others of our community and to bring all members as close as we can. There are too many obstacles and too many difficulties which lie ahead but we together can face them and help lead our community and our country high in the world.
India looks for Punjabis help and contribution to its multi-dimensional progress in all spheres.
We have to be strong and one to eradicate the evils of our society, the poverty of every single person and make our lives worthwhile.

We should be proud of our culture, customs and noble heritage. Punjabis have always made their way out of nothing and they have survived all onslaughts and attempts to break our will and strength. We are clean hearted, open, simple and honest people with something special in our genes and we should try to dig out for our roots and once you do you will find that we are all connected somewhere intertwined like tissues and nerves.

Punjabis also sacrificed the most in the struggles to free ourselves from foreigners and their undue domination in past 1000 years. Punjabis were at the forefront and our brave brothers and forefathers gave their lives to save our lives and today we survive and kicking around for their enormous sacrifice and leadership.
India's freedom struggle was led by Punjabis although we never got any credit for this but we are the people who have suffered the most. Who can forget the sacrifices of our brave heroes like Guru Teg Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh, Banda Bahadur, Hari Singh Nalwa, Shahid Bhagat Singh, Lala Lajpat Rai, Rajguru, and so many other lesser known but equally brave and incredible personalities. Who can forget the great upheavals of partition of Punjab and in this whole episode of 1947 drama, we were the worst losers. Atleast 30% of our people had to re-start their lives from scratch and many lost their loved ones. But no human or manmade force so far broken our spirit, our strength and our will to survive.
Punjabis have risen from the ashes like phoenix and we will continue to rise. Past 25 years have had a very damaging and very serious blow on our cultural fabric and the blood stains of the barbarism of some political goondas are dry but not erased.

People who have lived abroad or are not familiar with genuine realities should try to visit India and see for themselves where we stand today. Friends, there is no time for self-pity and suffering as we need to see how can we go ahead and protect ourselves from future onslaughts and attempts to break our closeknit communities. We should discuss here every aspect of life but our focus is on the state of Punjabi Community in India in past and potential in future. I am proud to be a Punjabi and I love my culture, my community and my dear friends. In my family we have no absolutely no difference between one faith or another and we consider ourselves only Punjabis and that is our pehchan, our identification and our basis where we stand.

If someone is born in a Sikh family he has to respect all others irrespective of their caste, creed and color, and if someone is born in a Hindu family he has to respect all others but have very special respect for all our Sikh brothers and sisters. We have to defend each other as nobody else is going to defend us nor interested in our problems. In my personal experiences and dealings I have seen that Hindus and Sikhs love each other very much and we have to recognize the cruel people who have attempted to separate us, to break our inseparable fabric made of love and compassion. We have to discuss and find out the reasons of our anger, our state, our problems and our future. None else but we Punjabis can understand the pain of other Punjabis.